In 2019, Social Mixers co-founder Kat took a weekend retreat to northern California. On a mountaintop in the Santa Cruz Mountains, she visited a cafe serving unique lattes infused with botanicals like rose, lavender, and turmeric. After returning to Minnesota, she couldn’t stop thinking about those flavors. She began to play in the kitchen, using her training in folk herbalism to concoct the first batch of rose syrup. 

Fast forward 6 months, while on an Alaskan adventure with her husband (and co-founder) Joel, they stumbled upon a local distillery with cocktails so creative they paid a visit every night of their stay! In that beautiful setting, the idea for Social Mixers was born: a company dedicated to creating botanical syrups infused with the very best ingredients so everyone can enjoy unique and delicious coffees, cocktails, and sodas.