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        Recipes — Cocktail

        Rose Old Fashioned cocktail garnished with orange slice. Bottle of Rose Simple Syrup next to cocktail.

        Rose Old Fashioned

        Bourbon and rose make such a lovely pairing and this drink is a favorite at the end of a long week, or at the end of a short week....okay, we like it any day of the week.

        Hibiscus Rosehip Cosmopolitan served in Nick & Nora glass with orange twist.

        Hibiscus Rosehip Cosmopolitan

        Full disclosure: I have some history with the Cosmopolitan. As a college student in the late 90’s who watched Sex and the City, the Cosmo was my drink of choice. In those days, I was usually drinking them out of a plastic cup at my college dive bar.

        (I wasn’t very picky. Or very classy.)

        When my friends and I were feeling fancy, we would go to the restaurant in town that served them in a martini glass.

          Hibiscus Rosehip Negroni in a rocks glass on a slate coaster.

          Hibiscus Rosehip Negroni

          Negronis are having a moment and the love doesn’t appear to be fading soon. And what’s not to love? Bitter yet balanced with sweetness, this gin cocktail feels sophisticated without being pretentious.