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        Recipes — Hot

        Two glass mugs of rose hot chocolate. One is topped with whipped cream pink ruby chocolate shavings and the other is garnished with whipped cream and fancy sprinkles in shades of pink.

        Rose Hot Chocolate

        If you’re looking for a hot cocoa recipe that is both unique and delicious, this one's for you. Bitter cocoa, dark chocolate, and rose simple syrup come together creating love in a mug.

        Mug with Rose Matcha Latte garnished with a sprinkle of red rose petals on top.

        Rose Matcha Latte

        Oh, lovely, lovely matcha. 

        Most teas are prepared as infusions, made by steeping the leaves in water. Matcha is made from finely ground young leaves of the Camellia sinensis which is then mixed into the liquid (in this case, milk). So when you’re drinking matcha, you’re consuming the tea leaves. Which means you’re getting all of the delicious flavor!