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        Recipes — Rose

        Rose Sazerac Cocktail Recipe

        Rose Sazerac Cocktail Recipe

        The Sazerac is not only the OG of cocktails, it’s also the official cocktail of New Orleans, Louisiana. Created by Creole pharmacist Antoine Amedée Peychaud in the early 1830’s, the original recipe was made with cognac along with some old-school absinthe (the kind that was banned in the early 1900’s). Needless to say, the drink had an affect on folks.

        Some say that the term “cocktail” originated from this legendary cocktail. Mr. Peychaud served his creation in egg cups known as coquetiers. According to New Orleans folklore, Americans mispronounced the vessels by calling them cocktails, and an entire category of drinks was born. As with so much of cocktail history, this story has been disputed over the years.

        Tall glass with Rose Tom Collins, garnished with lime slice and floral print straw. Background has copper cocktail shaker, bottle of Rose Simple Syrup, and bottle of gin.

        Rose Tom Collins

        A Tom Collins is a classic gin cocktail that's very refreshing. Classic, as it’s been around since the 1800s, and refreshing as it includes bright ingredients like fresh lemon juice and club soda.

          Two glass mugs of rose hot chocolate. One is topped with whipped cream pink ruby chocolate shavings and the other is garnished with whipped cream and fancy sprinkles in shades of pink.

          Rose Hot Chocolate

          If you’re looking for a hot cocoa recipe that is both unique and delicious, this one's for you. Bitter cocoa, dark chocolate, and rose simple syrup come together creating love in a mug.