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        Recipes — Vodka

        Tall glass with Elderflower Cucumber Vodka Cocktail, garnished with a long slice of cucumber. A bottle of Elderflower Thyme Syrup is in the back right corner.

        Elderflower Cucumber Vodka Cooler

        This refreshing cocktail is perfect for a hot day on the patio. We started with one of our favorite teas, Summer by Well Rooted Teas. This tea is made from Elderflowers and Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) and pairs beautifully with our Elderflower Thyme Syrup and Vodka. This is a terrific cocktail to batch for a crowd! 

        Hibiscus Rosehip Cosmopolitan served in Nick & Nora glass with orange twist.

        Hibiscus Rosehip Cosmopolitan

        Full disclosure: I have some history with the Cosmopolitan. As a college student in the late 90’s who watched Sex and the City, the Cosmo was my drink of choice. In those days, I was usually drinking them out of a plastic cup at my college dive bar.

        (I wasn’t very picky. Or very classy.)

        When my friends and I were feeling fancy, we would go to the restaurant in town that served them in a martini glass.