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        Two glass mugs of rose hot chocolate. One is topped with whipped cream pink ruby chocolate shavings and the other is garnished with whipped cream and fancy sprinkles in shades of pink.

        Rose Hot Chocolate

        If you’re looking for a hot cocoa recipe that is both unique and delicious, this one's for you. Bitter cocoa, dark chocolate, and rose simple syrup come together creating love in a mug.

        Rose Old Fashioned cocktail garnished with orange slice. Bottle of Rose Simple Syrup next to cocktail.

        Rose Old Fashioned

        Bourbon and rose make such a lovely pairing and this drink is a favorite at the end of a long week, or at the end of a short week....okay, we like it any day of the week.

        Hibiscus Rosehip Cosmopolitan served in Nick & Nora glass with orange twist.

        Hibiscus Rosehip Cosmopolitan

        Full disclosure: I have some history with the Cosmopolitan. As a college student in the late 90’s who watched Sex and the City, the Cosmo was my drink of choice. In those days, I was usually drinking them out of a plastic cup at my college dive bar.

        (I wasn’t very picky. Or very classy.)

        When my friends and I were feeling fancy, we would go to the restaurant in town that served them in a martini glass.