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        Our Products

        Inspired by nature, travels, and food memories, we’re proud to offer fresh takes on flavor combinations. Florals are a special part of our portfolio, with flavors like Rose and Hibiscus Rosehip. We also play with sweet and savory combinations, with our Elderflower Thyme and Lemon Rosemary syrups. Kat has gone through an herbal education including a formal apprenticeship with a professional herbalist. A love of plants and festive outlook is brought into everything we do.

        We reject high fructose corn syrup along with artificial and natural “flavorings”. Our sweetener is organic cane sugar and our flavors are derived from plants like rose petals, hibiscus flowers, and fresh ginger. We’re passionate about plants and make them the star of the show.

        Our products are more than just mixers. While they can elevate a cocktail to new heights, they’re also delicious in coffee, tea, natural sodas, or as an ice cream topper. They can be used as a flavoring for whipped cream or soaking a cake. We’ve even used Lemon Rosemary in a vinaigrette and Ginger Lemongrass in a stir fry!

        Our Founders

        Kat Duvic, co-founder and CEO of Social Mixers, grew up in and around New Orleans, Louisiana which is often cited as the birthplace of the cocktail in North America. Growing up in Louisiana brought on a unique perspective on community, fun, and flavor. 

        Displaced by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, she found herself a transplant living in Minneapolis and discovered the challenges of meeting people in a new place. The Twin Cities is known for being a tough place to break into established social circles. The saying goes, “Don’t bother trying to make friends with Minnesotans. They’ve already made all of the friends that they’re ever gonna want by the time they graduate high school.”

        Kat is a natural connector however and soon found herself meeting people with mutual interests in the arts, yoga, wellness, herbalism, the outdoors, and of course, fancy beverages.

        mix-er (noun)

        • An informal dance or party arranged to give members of a group an opportunity to get acquainted.
        • A sociable person

        Building a life and community meant lots of forms of mixing - coffee dates, throwing parties, and many instances where she was bringing people of various backgrounds together and trying to make fun, comfortable opportunities for connection.

        Kat founded Social Mixers along with her husband Joel Eisfelder based on these experiences. Drinks naturally bring people together. The ritual of making something special for yourself, your family, and friends is a powerful force.

        If you have any ideas on how we can improve, let us know. We would love to hear from you!