Botanical Syrup Sampler Pack

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This sampler features the 3 original Social Mixers Botanical Syrup flavors: Ginger Lemongrass, Rose, and Hibiscus Rosehip.

4 oz bottle makes approximately 4-16 cocktails, 8 oz makes approximately 8-32. 

Ginger Lemongrass Botanical Syrup is our farmers market best-seller! The ginger is spicy while the lemongrass brings a delightful brightness. A versatile ingredient, the syrup shines in a cocktail, mocktail, or mixed with seltzer to create a flavorful natural soda. 

Rose Botanical Syrup has an excellent rose flavor that comes direct from the petals! Pairs well with any spirit or mixed with coffee or soda. Also delicious on vanilla ice cream for a unique take on a sundae. 

Hibiscus Rosehip Botanical Syrup is a tart syrup with hints of fruit and floral. Excellent when added to iced tea, mixed with a spirit or paired with seltzer. We especially love it in our Margaritas and Moscow Mules. 

Social Mixers Botanical Syrups are made with organic cane sugar, organic botanicals whenever possible, and non-GMO citric acid. 

Refrigerate After Opening. 


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1 Review

Ruth Barrios Nov 14th 2020

Sampler Pack

I am very pleased with this product. I have been using Soda Stream flavors in my water and iced tea. The Social Mixers syrups taste fresh and natural. The Soda Stream flavors taste very artificial. I highly recommend this product.n

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